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How to Get Rid of Ticks in Anchorage, Alaska

Spiders and mites are closely related to the small insects classified as ticks. Ticks can live near water as well as in overgrown grass in areas around the world.

  • Simple preventative measures can be taken to avoid getting bitten by ticks.
  • Ticks are related to arachnids and leaches.
  • Ticks can also cause anemia and paralysis.
  • Ticks feed on mammals that come to the water source for a drink.
  • Ticks react to changes in temperature and length of day in order to seek a host.

Diseases are carried by ticks, which may be harmful to humans if bitten. One can get rid of ticks if they avoid wooded areas near water and by spraying bug repellent. Call a pest control service and get rid of ticks today!

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