Terminix.com - Protect Your Home from Termite Damage

According to Terminix.com, termites cause more damage to U.S. homes than earthquakes, storms and fires combined. Terminix, or Terminx as it is sometimes misspelled, has made a name for itself as the leader in termite control. They are continuing to lead the way with the introduction of their Termite Inspection & Protection Plan. Utilizing the company’s website, Terminix.com, homeowners can browse the benefits of this plan and learn more about the subject of termite infestations. The Termite Inspection & Protection Plan is very much like termite insurance. Homeowners protected under the plan pay no termite repair bills nor will they pay for termite control measures. The entire details of the plan are listed online at Terminix.com in an easy-to-read format. Fill out a short questionnaire while online and receive an instant quote. Using Terminix.com you can also set-up a no-obligation home inspection and get the pest control process started right away. Before signing any contract most people want to take the time to read the fine print. Thanks to Terminix.com, the fine print is easy to locate; it is called the Terminx Ultimate Protection Guarantee. This guarantee is the most aggressive contract in the industry. The following list highlights the key components of the Ultimate Protection Guarantee.
  • Same-day service- Homeowners enrolled in the Termite Inspection & Protection plan can enjoy quick service response. Within 24 hours of your call a Terminix representative will contact you with a solution.
  • Job well done – Terminix stands by its work. If a job isn’t done right the first time someone will come back until the problem is eradicated.
  • Money back guarantee – A full refund will be granted if, during the first 30-days, you decide you are not happy with the plan or have issues with service.
  • Lifetime repair and control – If, while under the protection of Terminx, a home experiences live termite activity the company will treat the issue at no charge. Necessary repairs caused by termite damage will also be covered under the Termite Inspection & Protection Plan.
For anyone already in the middle of a termite infestation Terminx offers many pest control plans. On Terminix.com you can find do-it-yourself termite control information for a variety of species. Terminix.com also boasts an entire section dedicated to the subject of termite infestation. New customers that decide to order service via the internet may even be eligible for a discount. Whether you are in need of prevention or removal the steps are the same. Terminix.com lists liquid insecticide and baiting as the two techniques utilized in termite control. A Terminx technician will continually monitor baits for any signs of termite activity, even after the initial infestation has been eliminated. By staying on top of the latest trends in the extermination industry, Terminix is able to offer some of the quickest and safest pest control solutions.

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