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Rodent Control in Warwick, Rhode Island - Rodent Control Tips

Rodent control can be necessary, as humans have encroached on the natural habitats of these intelligent critters. Rodent, from the Latin rodere, “to gnaw,” includes mammals like voles, chipmunks, and porcupines.

  • Chipmunks only produce about eight to ten young a year
  • Squirrels, unlike mice, have an excellent sense of vision
  • Rodents are known for carrying the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, plague, rat-bite fever and others
  • The best known and most active pest species of rats include the black rat and the brown rat
  • Rodents are known for their rapid reproductive cycle

Because mice and rats alone can spread 35 or more to humans, rodent control is essential to keeping homes clean. With a diet that consists of mostly seeds and plants, rodents often forage in and around homes and gardens. Rodent control can be a reality today; get professional help from a pest control company today.

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