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Rodent Control in Cranston, Rhode Island - Rodent Control Tips

Human encroachment rodent love of human food combines to make rodent control necessary. Mammals, like squirrels and chipmunks, have continually growing incisors fall into the classification of ‘rodent.’

  • The best known and most active pest species of rats include the black rat and the brown rat
  • Rats are generally distinguished by mice by their size
  • Chipmunks are much more omnivorous rodents and will eat the normal seeds and plants, as well as frogs, bird’s eggs, fungi, worms, and more.
  • Squirrels live in just about every habitat, from semiarid desert to the tropical rainforest
  • Common species of mouse, a rodent pest, include the house mouse, the field mouse, and the American white-footed mouse

With the ability to spread diseases directly and indirectly, rodent control is especially important. Rodents can make quite a nuisance of themselves as they attempt to forage for seeds and plants in and around residential homes and gardens. Pest control professionals can aid in safe and effective rodent control today!

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