Rodent Extermination 411

There are a few key steps you must implement in order to achieve effective rodent extermination. If your home has been invaded by rodents, you need to tackle it at once. In one news brief, a woman in her seventies did not take care of her rat problem. When family members came to visit her, they found rats running rampantly around the house, including across their feet. Unfortunately, the elderly woman was too frail and weak to address the problem herself. First, get to know these pests and their characteristics. (No need for first names, though!) You should know where they are living in your home; if you're unsure, conduct a thorough inspection of your home and its foundation to learn where the rodents are entering. This way, you know what must be done to repair damage and keep the pests out once rodent removal is successful.

Step-by-Step Help

You can implement rodent extermination by yourself. To get started, follow these tips:
  1. Start by cleaning up your home. Even if your home is super clean already, it is important to keep all food sources away from pests. The goal is to remove their food source so they have to use the bait methods you plan to set up.
  2. Rodent removal is most effective through a bait-and-trap set-up. This is because rats and mice are both curious, cautious creatures. They will happily approach a bait trap thinking there is food to be had. Plus, rodent extermination through a bait-and-trap method allows you to capture the animals rather quickly.
  3. Set up bait and traps throughout your home, where you have heard rat or mouse activity. Most of the time, they will confine themselves to a smaller area, such as one wall. If you hear them throughout your home, you may have an extensive problem.
  4. As you capture rodents, clean up the traps and reset them with fresh bait. Also, use sanitizing solution to clean out any nesting or home-like areas from these pests. You want to ensure the creatures are being pushed out.
  5. Keep at it until the rodent extermination is complete. Generally this will take several days. Once they are gone, ensure you have cleaned out their nests and repaired any foundation or walls they may have come in through.
If these methods do not work, you may want to use a poison-based product. The rats take the poison (which they think is food) back to the nest where the entire den may feast. This leads to a total eradication of the pests. This form of rodent extermination is often a bit more intensive. Cleaning up the nesting and removing the dead rodents is critical.

Still Struggling?

Unfortunately, sometimes rodent removal is more difficult than a simple bait-and-trap procedure. In these instances, it is best to call a professional to help you with the process. They can use both chemical- and non-chemical-based products to treat the infestation. This is one of the best ways to get rid of a large population. It is also one of the fastest methods to rid your home of rodents.

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