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Rat Control in Madison Heights, Michigan

Learning how to get rid of rats is the first step to enjoying a healthy, happy home environment. Rats can be a tricky pest to find, and some homeowners may not even be aware of the presence of a rat infestation until they discover evidence of gnawing or fresh rat droppings.

  • Interestingly, although rats do not see very well, they do perceive the world in the same way a human with red-green colorblindness would
  • Rats need about one half to one fluid ounce of water per day
  • Rats have poor vision, but very keen senses of hearing, taste, and smell
  • A female brown rat can produce five litters of pups a year, with 7 to 14 pups in each litter
  • Rats seldom travel far from the burrows in search of food

Rats will swim, climb, and gnaw their way into homes, and residents should learn how to get rid of rats before they get settled. Salmonellosis, typhus, and plague are among the diseases that rats are known for transmitting to humans. Professional pest exterminators know best how to get rid of rats; contact them today!

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