Rat Control Products- For the Rat Wanted Dead or Alive

Rat Control Products for Homeowners

One pest that has an arguably divided group of fans and enemies is the rat. Most people don’t want a rat anywhere near their home, especially inside it. Others don’t want these beady eyed, furry, disease carrying rodents to be killed but still want them out of their home as quickly as possible. If the idea of a live rat running around a home isn’t bad enough, the idea of a dead one can be even worse. Finding the right rat control products for homeowners will depend on how a homeowner wants to handle the disposal of the rat, where the trap or extermination product is being placed and how large the infestation actually is. In addition to being disease carriers, rats can be destructive to a homeowner’s property making it important to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

Live Traps and Death Traps

Whether it was in a cartoon or real life, most people have seen the standard snap traps that are designed to capture mice. There are larger versions meant to capture rats that can be baited with peanut butter, cheese or other food attractors for rats. These old fashioned versions work great but come with drawbacks. The traps sometimes don’t work, can be snapped by anyone from the homeowner to their pet to their child and they have to be regularly monitored. Not to mention, traditional snap traps come with the unpleasant task of disposing the rat. The traps also do not always kill the rat instantly, leaving them to suffer. The following rat traps are great options to humanely capture or kill rats:
    Electronic Rat Trap by Victor
  • Enclosed unit to keep trapped rat contained instead of openly exposed
  • Electric voltage kills rats on impact
  • Can be baited with home products such as peanut butter
  • An indicator light will let a homeowner know a capture has been made
    Two Door Cage Trap by Havahart
  • A trapping product for small rodent types including rats
  • Doors are metal and spring loaded with mesh openings to allow for the safe capture of pests
  • Product is designed for indoor and outdoor use
    Rat Bait Station by Motomco
  • An effective rat control product that baits, captures and kills in a containerized trap
  • The trap is made with durable black plastic and is safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to clean and reuse
    Whether homeowners want to capture and release rats or kill them immediately, there are multiple types of baited traps that can effectively get the job done. A rat problem is never anything a homeowner wants to encounter. However, the wide range of rat control products ensures there is a way to effectively remove these long tailed rodents in the way a homeowner would prefer.

    Non-Trapping Options

    Homeowners who want to use a non-trapping option have a range of poison based products that can be used by themselves or in conjunction with some of the baited traps. Some effective rat poisons include:
      RatMax Rat Killer Packet by Enforcer
    • Uses a difethialone formula
    • Can kill rats in a single feeding
    • Low cost
      Indoor House Pest Control Repeller by Aspectek
    • An ultrasonic pest repellent
    • Designed to keep rats and rodents away with high frequency transmissions that are safe for humans and pets
      Rat-A-Way Rat & Mice Repellent by Dr. T’s
    • Active Ingredients are sulfur and naphthalene
    • Single application can last up to 3 months
    • Product is a granular based formula
    • For outdoor use only
      Homeowners have many options to choose from when it comes to selecting an effective rat control product. As with any pesticide, it is important to consider all of the instructions prior to application.

    What to Watch For

    Where there is one rat, there is likely more. A homeowner needs to understand where the rat may have entered the home and hopefully find the rats nest. It is not unusual to find rats in ventilation systems or between the walls of a home. Thoroughly cleaning any areas that may have been exposed to rat droppings or urine is critical to minimizing the exposure to disease and harmful bacteria for humans and pets. Homeowners may have good intentions with live trap types but without proper maintenance, the rats can be subject to a long, slow death of starvation and dehydration. Finding the right place to release the rats will also be important to consider before being faced with a live capture.

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