Organic Rat Control: the Natural Way to Exterminate

Why You Should Go Green

No one disagrees when they say rats are filthy pests that spread germs, carry diseases, and inspire terror. At the same time, they may be wary using harsh methods to get rid of them.

Using organic rat control methods gives homeowners another way to get rid of rats without resorting to harsh chemicals, which may carry some health and environmental risks. Boric acid is highly effective in killing rats, but they may fall into hands of pets and children when left out in the open; snap traps also work well, but they are hardly efficient given they only kill one rat at a time.

Organic rat control helps provide homeowners options safe, toxic-free pest control without compromising home safety. Read on to see how you can use organic rat control in your home.

Organic Rat Control Tips

If you want to handle the rats in your home in a humane way, but be effective in getting rid of them at the same time, try these natural methods for organic rat control:

  • Mix one part cement powder mix and one part cornmeal as bait. The rats will eat this, triggering a chemical reaction which leads to their death.
  • Get a cat. Cats are natural predators of rats that will sense and hunt rats down, but simply having one in your home may be enough to get them running away from your home.
  • Practice good lawn and garden maintenance. Rats can stay hidden amongst tall grass and weeds, so keep them out by mowing the lawn and ridding it of overgrown plants.
  • Use vitamin D3 as bait. Rats are unable to digest the product and will subsequently die from them. Place them in your garbage or in areas where rats are found to be entering and exiting from.
  • There are several organic rat control products that ward off rats from even approaching your home. Usually sold in powder or granules, these can be hung or placed in sachets around the house to emanate rat-repelling odors without leaving unpleasant smells. Fresh Cab and Shake Away are some of the names that produce and sell these sachets.

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