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How to Get Rid of Moths in Safety Harbor, Florida

As they are attracted to light in the dark, moths are also called “butterflies of the night” as they are also nocturnal. Dull and neutral in color, moths use this to disguise themselves against predators in the dark.

  • Moths are difficult to get rid of due to their immunity to most poisons used against insects.
  • Moths called tiger moths emit clicking noises when in the path of a bat’s ultrasound call to deflect attention.
  • Though moths can consume natural fibers as a food source, they rarely feed on artificial fabrics.
  • Moths are in the same scientific family as butterflies.
  • Moths have feathery, threadlike antennae, unlike butterflies.

Wool and silk are some of the natural fibers fed on by moths. To repel moths, try spraying floral or woodsy scents on fabric. Give a pest control service a call if moths are creating a nuisance in your home.

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