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How to Get Rid of Moths in Naples, Florida

Nocturnal insects that are attracted to light in the dark are known as moths, or “butterflies of the night.” To defend themselves against predators in the dark, moths usually come in a dull or neutral color.

  • Moths in their caterpillar stages have proven detrimental to farms, as they feed on growing plants.
  • Moths called diamondback moths can cause millions of dollars of damage to cabbage, turnip and other vegetable plants.
  • Night-blooming flowers depend on moths to distribute pollen.
  • There are over 200,000 types of moths around the world.
  • Bats, owls and other nocturnal birds are some natural predators of moths.

As moths feed on natural fibers like wool and silk, they destroy the fabric from further use. Try spraying floral or woodsy scents on fabrics to deter moths. Moths giving you problems? Call a pest control company and have them removed today!

Moth Control Providers

3511 PLOVER AVE UNIT 101, FL 34117
A Alliance Pest Control Inc
910 19th St SW Naples, FL 34117
A Florida Native Pest Control
3080 4th St NW Naples, FL 34120
Absolute Pest Control Naples
FL 34109
Adams Ant
806 Grove Dr Naples, FL 34120
Allstate Termite & Pest Cntrl Naples
FL 34109
Already There Pest Control
3465 38th Ave SE Naples, FL 34117
Amwest Inc
1852 40th Ter SW Naples, FL 34116
Animal Rescue & Removal Of Fl
829 Sanctuary Rd Naples, FL 34120
Attack Pest Control Inc
PO Box 8298 Naples, FL 34101
A-Z Pest Management Inc
10925 Parnu St Naples, FL 34109
Barker Spray Services
4327 Enterprise Ave Naples, FL 34104
Barker Spray Svc
14370 Collier Blvd Naples, FL 34119
Bee Guys LLC
8230 Collier Blvd 434 Naples, FL 34114
Best For Less Pest Control Naples
FL 34109
Bon Voyage Pest Control Inc
4661 Sunset Rd Naples, FL 34116
Brackett’s Pest Control
3491 23rd Ave SW Naples, FL 34117
Bug Out Pest Control
5761 Green Blvd Naples, FL 34116
Bugfree Services
2489 Linwood Ave Naples, FL 34112
Bugs Or Us Naples
FL 34112
Bye Bye Bugs Pest Control Inc
PO Box 990147 Naples, FL 34116
Collier Pest Control
1852 40th Ter SW # D Naples, FL 34116
Collier Pest Control
PO Box 990610 Naples, FL 34116
Conrad E Burns Pest Eliminator
21455 Mallory Ave Naples, FL 34112
Copperfield Mosquito System
2437 Sunset Ave Naples, FL 34112
Dalis Pest Management Inc Naples
FL 34102
Dames Animal Arrest Pest Ctrl
11560 Trinity Pl Naples, FL 34114
Earthway Pest Management
1215 Sweetwater Ln Naples, FL 34110
Eidson Enterprises Inc
3225 19th Ave SW Naples, FL 34117
Goddard Pest Control
1153 Sun Century Rd # 3 Naples, FL 34110
Goddard Services
1153 Sun Century Rd Ste 3 Naples, FL 34110
Golf Turf Applications
2333 River Reach Dr Naples, FL 34104
Griswold Pest Control
PO Box 110398 Naples, FL 34108
Griswold Pest Control Inc
PO Box 110498 Naples, FL 34108
Gulf Coast Mosquito Control
135 Tahiti St Naples, FL 34113
Harp’s No Risk Chemical Co
4912 Golden Gate Pkwy Naples, FL 34116
Hughes-Topps Exterminating
PO Box 990757 Naples, FL 34116
J P’s Pest Control & Trapping
2565 Weeks Ave Naples, FL 34112
Jay’s Pest Control
5280 Myrtle Ln Naples, FL 34113
John Ludwig Pest Control
PO Box 8292 Naples, FL 34101
Landscape Dimension
591 9th St NW Naples, FL 34120
Lawncare Plus
1455 Rail Head Blvd Naples, FL 34110
Lenny’s Pest Control Svc
990 26th Ave N Naples, FL 34103
Lock’Em Up Pest Control
11331 Laertes Ln Naples, FL 34114
M & M Termite & Pest Control
1894 40th Ter SW Naples, FL 34116
Marshall Pest Control
10201 Tamiami Trl N Naples, FL 34108
Marshall Pest Control
511 27th St NW Naples, FL 34120
Marshall Pest Control
PO Box 990430 Naples, FL 34116
Massey Services Pest & Termite
1100 Commercial Blvd # 116 Naples, FL 34104
Mosquitoes & Flies Demise Inc
3475 25th Ave SW Naples, FL 34117
Naples Pest Control Inc
79 Madison Dr Naples, FL 34110
Neils Environmental Svc
3210 2nd Ave SE Naples, FL 34117
Nematode Controllers Inc Naples
FL 34104
Never Rest Pest Control
3640 17th Ave SW Naples, FL 34117
Oliver Pest Control
PO Box 10871 Naples, FL 34101
Personalized Pest Control Inc
261 3rd St SW Naples, FL 34117
Pest Masters Pest Control
3435 Enterprise Ave Naples, FL 34104
Pest Terminator of Naples Inc
6100 12th Ave SW Naples, FL 34116
Pestmasters Pest Control & Svc
9486 Gulf Shore Dr Naples, FL 34108
Pestmasters Plus Inc Naples
FL 34109
Premier Pest Management Inc
8276 Ibis Cove Cir Naples, FL 34119
Pro-Tech Pest Control Of Sw Fl
PO Box 9773 Naples, FL 34101
Rainbow Pest Management
1891 Pine Ridge Rd Naples, FL 34109
Roach Vanish
700 Luisa Ln APT 1 Naples, FL 34104
Tamiami Pest Control Inc
3290 11th Ave SW Naples, FL 34117
Top Notch Pest Control
4707 Enterprise Ave # 7 Naples, FL 34104
Top Notch Pest Control Inc
11275 Trinity Pl Naples, FL 34114
Tropical Pest Management Svc
7573 Citrus Hill Ln Naples, FL 34109
Truly Nolen
3839 Domestic Ave Naples, FL 34104
Val & Sons
3271 7th Ave NW Naples, FL 34120
Wilhelm Rm Pest Control Inc
4211 6th Ave Ne Naples, FL 34120
Woodpecker Damage Control Co
4284 Enterprise Ave Naples, FL 34104
Young Pest Control Inc
2560 Evans Ft Myers Naples, FL 34102
Young Pest Control Inc
PO Box 11941 Naples, FL 34101
Zenobi Pest Control Inc
34 Lancashire Pl Naples, FL 34104