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How to Get Rid of Moths in Longwood, Florida

Known as “butterflies of the night,” moths are nocturnal insects that are attracted to light in the dark. One of the ways moths defend themselves against predators in the dark is to have a dull or neutral color on their wings.

  • Butterflies are thought to have originated from moths.
  • The larvae of moths mostly feed on plants, twigs and fungi.
  • Grease moths get their name from consuming rendered human fat.
  • Bats, owls and other nocturnal birds are some natural predators of moths.
  • Moths are in the same scientific family as butterflies.

Fabric made of wool and silk can get destroyed by moths, which feed on them. Moths can be repelled from consuming fabrics by spraying floral or woodsy scents on them. Call today to have a pest control company come remove all moths from your home or place of business.

Moth Control Providers

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140 E Marvin Ave Longwood, FL 32750
All-Ways Termite & Pest Ctrl
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All-Ways Termite-Pest Control
109 Sandy Oaks Pl Longwood, FL 32779
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PO Box 917582 Longwood, FL 32791
Bug Patrol Pest Control
3886 Watercrest Dr Longwood, FL 32779
Customized Pest & Inspection Longwood
FL 32779
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765 W State Road 434 H Longwood, FL 32750
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100 Tedworth Ct Longwood, FL 32779
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150 E State Road 434 Longwood, FL 32750
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765 W State Road 434 # H Longwood, FL 32750
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106 Duncan Trl Longwood, FL 32779
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199 S Monterey Isle Longwood, FL 32779
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1399 W State Road 434 Longwood, FL 32750