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How to Get Rid of Moths in Hollywood, Florida

Nocturnal insects that are attracted to light in the dark are known as moths, or “butterflies of the night.” To defend themselves against predators in the dark, moths usually come in a dull or neutral color.

  • Bats, owls and other nocturnal birds are some natural predators of moths.
  • Moths called diamondback moths can cause millions of dollars of damage to cabbage, turnip and other vegetable plants.
  • Night-blooming flowers depend on moths to distribute pollen.
  • Some moths, like silkworms, are actively bred in farms to produce silk.
  • Moths in their caterpillar stages have proven detrimental to farms, as they feed on growing plants.

As moths feed on natural fibers like wool and silk, they destroy the fabric from further use. Try spraying floral or woodsy scents on fabrics to deter moths. Moths giving you problems? Call a pest control company and have them removed today!

Moth Control Providers

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