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How to Get Rid of Moths in Dunedin, Florida

Also known as “butterflies of the night,” moths are nocturnal insects that are attracted to light. To disguise themselves predators in the dark, moths are usually dull and neutral in color.

  • Some moths, like silkworms, are actively bred in farms to produce silk.
  • Moths are characterized by their large wings and patterns.
  • Moths called gypsy moths can damage entire forests as they are invasive species.
  • Moths have feathery, threadlike antennae, unlike butterflies.
  • There are over 200,000 types of moths around the world.

Moths can destroy fabric by feeding on natural fibers like wool and silk. Spraying flowery or woodsy scents on fabric is one way to repel moths. Call an exterminator if you have a problem with moths in your home.

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