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How To Get Rid Of Moths

Food product moths are known by many names, including food pests and pantry pests. The most common variety of food product moths is the Indian meal moth.

Food product moths are found in pantry products where their larvae has developed through eggs that were planted there by adult moths or leftover from the refinement production and sealed in. Foods like packaged cereal, flour, and grain seeds are all susceptible to harboring the larvae of food product moths. The Indian meal moth is characterized by its wingspan of 1/2 to 5/8 of a inch, coppery luster, and distinctive markings. Their larvae are shaped like oblong mealworms and colored in yellow, pink, green, and brown. Due to their miniscule size, it is difficult to separate the larvae from a bag of grain seeds. Food product moths are also prone to gathering in pots, pans, dishes, and window sills. They are harmless pests, but this does not mean they are appealing on any level; many people are often horrified upon discovering food product moths emerging from a bag of rice or pasta.

Food product moths are easy to avoid when sticking to basic hygenic practices within the kitchen and knowing how to consume foods before their expiration date. Sometimes, however, infestations can get out of control, in which case, a pest management service may need to come in and resolve the problem for good.

Do-It-Yourself Food Product Moth Control

  • Buy small amounts of food that can be consumed quickly, as long-standing food is more susceptible to attracting food product moths.
  • Place grains and other dry pantry products in glass or ceramic jars that keep food product moths out.
  • Inspect packages before purchasing to see if there are any holes or tears in the packaging, as these could have provided entrypoints for food product moths.
  • Keep the kitchen area clean, dry, and free of errant crumbs that can entice food product moths to venture further in your pantry!
  • Hire a local pest exterminator for extra help in getting rid of food product moths!

Why Worry About Getting Rid of Food Product Moths?

  • Food product moths are an unsanitary pests that take over your food before you've had a chance to consume it.
  • Food product moths build silk webs across the food they infest.
  • Food product moths are capable of reproducing quickly, so getting rid of them can prevent a full-blown infestation.

Need Help Getting Rid of Food Product Moths?--Just Call a Pest Control Service!

  • Pest control providers should guarantee a food product moth solution in a timely fashion once notified of the problem.
  • Qualified pest exterminators should be able to eliminate food product moths humanely and safely, without leaving dangerous poisons or traps around your home.

Pest Control Management Offers Expertise in Getting Rid of Food Product Moths

Food product moths are an unsightly pest that go directly to one your home's most precious commodities: the food cabinet. Able to thrive in several types of dry foods, food product moths can live in dry cereal, grains, nuts, crackers, flour, and pasta. Even though these foods are dry, they provide exactly what food product moths seek, which is isolation and plenty of startchy products. Though most of the methods in getting rid of food product moths involve careful prevention, a pest exterminator can certainly be indispensible in eliminating them when infestations get out of control.

A pest management company can offer a solution to food product moth infestations. With professional exterminators, homeowners get the treatment that they need in order to receive the food product moth solution they seek. The best part of hiring an experienced exterminator is that they have the knowledge and expertise to do it right from the beginning. Call a professional exterminator today!