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Mice Control in Mason City, Iowa

Of the most common rodents found in the world, mice can also cause catastrophic damage to homes. As they are able to adapt to various climates, mice are also expert food scavengers.

  • Mice are the most widespread and populous of rodents in the U.S.
  • Mice typically nest in insulation material, such as newspaper and cardboard.
  • Mice are nocturnal and do most of their food scavenging at night.
  • Female mice breed continuously throughout the year, with up to 8 litters per year.
  • Traps and repellent sprays are the common methods of controlling mice.

Disease can easily be spread through mice due to their unsanitary living conditions. Mice can carry disease harmful to humans due to the parasites living on them. A pest control company can help you get rid of mice in your home once and for all!

Mouse Control Providers

4430 NW URBANDALE DR., IA 50322
All Star Pest Control
1003 Meadow Lake Dr Mason City, IA 50401
American Pest Control
2212 S Jefferson Ave Mason City, IA 50401
Cyclone Turf & Pest
1026 N Polk Ave Mason City, IA 50401
Presto-X Co
1050 15th St SW Mason City, IA 50401