Learn How to Get Rid of Moles

Meet the Pest

After seeing your prize tulips displaced and your beautiful lawn reduced to looking like a tic-tac-toe board, you are probably ready to learn how to get rid of moles. These elusive little mammals may be helpful at ridding your landscaping of grubs and other insect pests, but the damage they do in the process outweighs any benefit they may bring. Do-it-yourself pest control often falls into three main categories: traps, poisons, repellents. Discovering how to get rid of moles will lead you down these same three paths. In this article, we will discuss mole extermination methods for each category and weigh the pros and cons that each individual method brings.

How to Get Rid of Moles with a 1-2-3

  1. Traps If you want to know how to get rid of moles without the use of any chemicals, then trapping is a highly effective means of doing so. Some traps are more difficult to set than others and will require digging into your lawn, but traps are consistently the best way to rid your lawn of moles. Scissor Trap - This versatile trap is good for mole extermination in all types of soil. It is arguably the most effective way to kill moles, but also the most difficult to learn to use. This trap has a scissor-shaped jaw that clamps down on the mole to exterminate it quickly. Harpoon Trap - Good for use in clay soils, this trap has sharp spikes that literally harpoon the mole as it goes by. Harpoon traps can be tough to set up if you lack strength in your hands. Choker Loop Trap - A choker loop trap works no matter what direction the mole is traveling and is relatively easy to set. The entire trap fits below ground and works by putting a strangle hold on the mole until the extermination process is complete. Pitfall Trap – If you’re learning how to get rid of moles and not how to kill them, then you may prefer the humane pitfall trap design. Great for do-it-yourself pest control, you can make your own pitfall trap by digging a hole that goes beyond the depth of an active mole tunnel and setting a large container, like a 3-pound coffee can, into the hole. Cover the hole you dug with a board to prevent the mole from escaping and also to prevent you or a pet from accidentally falling in. The mole will slip down into the trap and you can the container out of the tunnel and release him elsewhere.
  2. Poisons Commercial Poisons - Mole poisons come in pellet and spray forms and are an easy do-it-yourself pest control product. Poisons can be sprayed or sprinkled on the mounds and into the tunnels for quick extermination. A special gopher/mole tool may be needed to get pellets down into a tunnel without accidentally collapsing it. Of course, poisons can be deadly to pets and humans so they should be used with care. Homemade Mole Poison - Here is another do-it-yourself pest control option: making your own mole poison. Mix one cup of Murphy's Oil soap with one ounce of castor oil, add a quarter cup of cayenne pepper and put into a sprayer bottle with some water. Spray this mixture into the tunnel and be careful not to get any into your eyes. Grub Poison - When learning how to get rid of moles, you may want to try removing one of the mole's favorite food sources: grubs. Poisoning the grubs will kill off the mole’s preferred food, which could be enough to make the mole leave your yard for good.
  3. Repellents As mentioned above, if you want to know how to get rid of moles, just mess with its food. Most mole repellents drive the mole away by making its food taste bad or making the mole believe the food is making it sick. There are do-it-yourself pest control recipes that use castor oil to make the mole believe the food in your yard is giving him diarrhea. Wouldn't that make you think twice about sticking around?
Summary Learning how to get rid of moles with some do-it-yourself pest control techniques can be time consuming. Using a combination of repellents, poison and traps will not only rid your lawn of these tunneling pests, but also help ensure that no new moles come to roost.

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