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How To Get Rid of House Mice in Portland, Maine

Often adopted as pets, house mice are dark-haired creatures around 2 to 4 inches in length. As they invade crops and gnaw through food storages, house mice are trusts that frequent areas inhabited by humans.

  • House mice are often used in laboratory tests for research.
  • House mice are particularly repelled by black or strobe lighting, which is now used as a type of house mouse control.
  • A natural predator to house mice is the cat, which may be used in biological extermination.
  • House mice and their nesting ground can be identified by their droppings or gnawing on materials.
  • House mice are often used in laboratory tests for research.

To exercise house mouse control, the first steps are locating their hiding spots and eliminating potential food sources. Simple spring traps can be used as a basic method for eliminating mice and undergoing the relatively easy process of house mouse control. Call an exterminator today if you need house mouse control in your home.

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