Getting Rid of Wasps Without Pesticides

Wasps are one of these pests that people would do anything to get rid of. Although some derive pleasure in killing pests with tanks of pesticide, many people are equally not as fond of spraying toxic chemicals into the air, especially around their home. Here are some ways of getting rid of wasps around your home without resorting to harmful and potentially destructive pesticides.

Remove the Nest, but Don’t Destroy It

Instead of destroying the nest, why not move it to another location? Some may argue that this doesn’t actually get rid of the wasps (in other words, kill them), but no one can deny that it does help you avoid using chemical pesticides. It’s also cheaper to simply wrap a plastic garbage bag around the wasps, remove it, and dispose it rather than shopping around for expensive pesticides.

Admittedly, removing the nest manually does mean close contact with the nest and thus the wasps themselves. Protect yourself from head to toe and plan your attack around dawn or dusk when the wasps are inside the nest instead of flitting in and out. You can also call in a professional gardener who can make use of the wasps to get rid of beetles, aphids, and other pests invading their crops.

Smoke ‘Em

Not unlike humans, wasps have a hard time functioning when clouded by smoke from fires. Lighting a fire under the wasps’ nest is one way to get rid of wasps without defaulting on chemical pest control. At the same time, it can be tricky to execute if the nest isn’t already hanging over your backyard bonfire pit. You can always create one by digging a small hole, filling it with sand, and then piling on small bits of wood to create a fire just big enough to release some serious smoke. Once it enters the nest, wasps will start fleeing the scene, even abandoning the nest permanently in some cases.

Sugar Overdose

Wasps, like bees, are hopelessly attracted to sugary substances. There are several forms of sugary traps that lure the wasps to their death. One of the most common ways is to cut a plastic bottle in half, fill the lower portion with sugar water, and place the top part upside down on top. The wasps will then fly into the bottle and invariably be unable to fly out after sinking into the sugar substance. From there, it’s a matter of disposing the bottle – a great way to execute wasp control without chemicals.

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