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How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Pascagoula, Mississippi

Since many homeowners associate earwigs with actual ear infestation, it is important to learn how to get rid of earwigs quickly, even though they are more likely to hide in the crevices of a wall. Earwig damage can, however, come in the form of crop damage to mature peaches, apricots, hops, and other agricultural products.

  • In much of North America, earwigs will hibernate for the winter
  • The diet of the earwig includes: zinnias, grapes, potatoes, corn, beets, and many other agricultural products
  • When they are first hatched, earwig eggs are a pearly white
  • Mother earwigs will defend their eggs from predators
  • In much of North America, earwigs will hibernate for the winter

Damp household areas may harbor earwigs, and in order to extricate these pests from the cracks and crevices, homeowners should learn how to get rid of earwigs. The life cycle of the earwig is rapid, as female earwigs can lay up to 80 eggs, which will hatch in one week. If you need to learn how to get rid of earwigs, contact a professional exterminator.

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