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How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Englewood, Colorado

Earwig infestations are especially terrifying, as their reputation for crawling inside human ears has homeowners frantically searching for information about how to get rid of earwigs. Ears of corn are more likely to be harmed by earwigs than human ears, as these pests are known for consuming a wide variety of agricultural crops.

  • Earwigs are a nocturnal insect and will hide during the day
  • Earwigs are capable of flight, but are rarely glimpsed flying
  • Earwigs are often a problem in new subdivisions, as their populations build around the base of housing foundations
  • There are only 1800 thousand species of earwigs
  • The European earwig was accidentally introduced into North America in the early 1900s

Earwigs like damp areas, such as those in bathrooms or basements, and knowing how to get rid of earwigs will help homeowners prevent these creepy pests from infiltrating their home. On average, the female earwig lays between 20 and 80 eggs, which will hatch as few as 7 days later. A professional exterminator knows best how to get rid of earwigs; contact one today!

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