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Cockroach Control in Charleston, South Carolina

Cockroaches are both one of the most disgusting household pests and one of the hardest to eradicate. Cockroach control is necessary, as cockroaches have been linked to the spread of harmful bacteria like Salmonella.

  • The German cockroach has wings, but is incapable of sustained flight
  • There are 4,500 known species of cockroach
  • There are 4,500 known species of cockroach
  • The German cockroach has wings, but is incapable of sustained flight
  • The German cockroach has wings, but is incapable of sustained flight

Cockroaches can survive for up to three months without food, and therefore extreme methods of cockroach control often must be employed. Cockroaches may be difficult to eradicate due to their variety of reproductive strategies, and careful homeowners need to employ several methods of cockroach prevention. Employ successful cockroach control today and call a professional pest exterminator today.

Cockroach Control Providers

A Wildlife Solutions Charleston
SC 29407
A-Advanced Pest Control
1620 Ashley River Rd Charleston, SC 29407
Al’s Pest Control Charleston
SC 29403
Allpro Pest Management Inc
2487 Ashley River Rd # 10 Charleston, SC 29414
Apex Pest Management
7089 Rivers Ave North Charleston, SC 29406
Atlantic Inc Pest Management
1720 Signal Point Rd Charleston, SC 29412
Charlestowne Pest Control Inc
1241 Remount Rd North Charleston, SC 29406
Flea Stoppers Of Charleston
1185 Landsdowne Dr Charleston, SC 29412
Gilmore’s Termite & Pest Cntrl
3126 Winners Cir Charleston, SC 29414
Guardian Termite & Pest
2178 Savannah Hwy Charleston, SC 29414
Home Team Pest Defense
1920 Dunbar St # A Charleston, SC 29407
Lane’s Professional Pest
1328 Remount Rd North Charleston, SC 29406
Ledford’s Termite & Pest Cntrl
1010 Savannah Hwy Charleston, SC 29407
Logo’s Exterminating
147 Wappoo Creek Dr Charleston, SC 29412
Low Country Pest Management
2123 Andover Way Charleston, SC 29401
Mc Fadden Pest Control Inc
6 Loch Carrun Ter Charleston, SC 29414
Millers Pest Management Inc
870 W Madison Ave Charleston, SC 29412
Moles No More
1306 Gilmore Rd Charleston, SC 29407
Moore’s Termite & Pest Control Charleston
SC 29412
National Exterminating Co
2235 Technical Pkwy # B North Charleston, SC 29406
Palmetto Exterminators Inc
624 Orleans Rd Charleston, SC 29407
Pro Exterminating Contractors
PO Box 13346 Charleston, SC 29422
Professional Pest Control
10 Mcdougall Dr Charleston, SC 29414
Sellers Pest Control
10609 Highway 78 Charleston, SC 29401
2090 Executive Hall Rd # 130 Charleston, SC 29407
Target Termite & Pest Control
449 Fleming Rd # B Charleston, SC 29412
Target Termite Abd Pest Ctrl
PO Box 14017 Charleston, SC 29422
Tremex Termite & Pest Control
2414 Clements Ferry Rd Wando, SC 29492
Trutech Wildlife & Animal
1233 Savannah Hwy Charleston, SC 29407
Willard Termite & Pest Control
2290 Technical Pkwy # B Charleston, SC 29406
Wilson’s Exterminating Svc
1190 Sea Eagle Watch Charleston, SC 29412