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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Warren, Michigan

Parasitic bed bugs bite humans to suck their blood while they sleep, and then burrow back into the mattress until the next feeding. Learn how to get rid of bed bugs and keep your mattress parasite free!

  • Bed bug populations are becoming resistant to many types of pesticides
  • Bed bugs can be transferred internationally through suitcases and luggage
  • Because bed bugs only come out at night, infestations often go unnoticed
  • Hot water is sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of bed bug bites
  • Bed bugs can survive up to one year without a blood meal

Bed bugs feed at night, causing unsightly and infected wounds to be found in the morning. Using a mattress cover is one method on getting rid of bed bugs. Contact a pest control service professional today to eliminate your home’s bed bug infestation.

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