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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Salina, Kansas

Bed bugs live in mattresses and come out at night to feed on the blood of humans. Learn tips on how to get rid of bed bugs and keep your home pest-free.

  • Bed bugs have a banded appearance and are generally characterized as reddish-brown in color
  • In nearly 50% of cases, bed bug bites go unnoticed
  • Bed bugs have experienced a massive resurgence in the United States during recent years
  • Bed bugs are generally nocturnal, feeding in the dead of the night.
  • Hot water is sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of bed bug bites

Nocturnal bed bugs can cause red and itchy wounds that may become infected. Exposing the mattress to extreme heat or extreme cold is one method for how to get rid of bed bugs. Pest control professionals will help you to eliminate your bed bug infestation and keep your home pest-free.

Bed Bug Control Providers

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