5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Exterminator

Hiring an exterminator for the first time? With so many companies offering all kinds of services, it can be difficult to choose which you should trust with getting rid of pests in your home. After all, there are hundreds of pests that disturb homes and not everyone is going to know how to get rid of each.

If you're looking to hire a professional pest exterminator and still unsure of what to look for, here are five questions you need to ask before entrusting them with doing pest control in your home:

1. "How long have you been in business?"

It's crucial to know the amount of years and level of experience a pest exterminator has. An exterminator who has been in business for 20 years has generally maintained a proven track record of long-term results. It also demonstrates their experience in dealing with problems unique to your area, such as knowing which types of pests are prevalent during each season and the local regulations involved in commercial pesticide use.

While a long history of business experience does not always equate with better service, it does speak to the exterminator's ability to satisfy customers and provide what they're looking for. You can also use resources like the Better Business Bureau for any record of complaints logged against the company.

2. "Are you licensed and insured?"

Regulations on pest exterminator licenses and insurances vary from state to state, but any qualified company should have technicians and personnel that are professionally trained and insured in pest control equipment and methods.

If an accident happens to an employee while on your property, their insurance should protect you from being sued. It also covers any property damages that may occur. Make sure to ask for license and insurance policy numbers to verify on your own.

3. "Can you provide references?"

Getting a reference from a recent or long-term customer is a great way to get a realistic and unbiased opinion of the company's services. You can also ask questions that you may feel uncomfortable asking the company.

If you decide to check with references, ask pertinent questions about their experiences with the exterminator and focus on fact-driven perspectives rather than personal opinions to help you make a sound decision.

4. "Are the chemicals/pesticides you use safe for indoor and outdoor use?"

While not all instances of pest control involve pesticides, it's important to ask about any potential harmful effects. Ask for details on the types of chemicals they use and back up their claims with your own research to make sure they're safe and legal to use in homes.

Recently, more companies have started using organic-based products that skip the entire issue of chemical pesticides altogether. Ask the agent if they offer any options that are less toxic and healthier on the environment.

5."Do you guarantee customer satisfaction?"

As with any product or service you purchase, you'll want to know if satisfaction can be guaranteed. This can come in the form of additional services in the event the original service doesn't work, or a money-back clause that refunds or credits you for dissatisfactory service. Companies need to build strong loyalty and positive reviews, making service guarantees crucial. If they can't offer anything, you may need to look for another company.

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